Mission Vision Values Goals


My mission is to wake up each and every morning and love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

With all of my heart

Having no passion, desire, or interest that supersedes Him, submitting my will to him

With all of my soul

Always seeking to align my beliefs with His Truth, that there might be no portion of my person that is reserved from HIm

With all of my mind

Basing all of my decisions and reason on what I know of Him and continually seeking to know Him and understand His ways ans His will for me

With all of my strength

Expecting the road to be difficult and acknowledging that I am, in my humanity, unable to succeed without Christ in me as my source of sufficiency


I envision myself as a man, humble in love, who is unashamedly and unrelentingly in love with the Lord. I am to be a man the that Lord uses to draw people to Himself, a man who encourages those around him to seek after God, not merely through words, but also through prayer, example, support, and love.I am to be a man who supports the growth in unity of the Church, the body and bride of Christ. I am to be a man committed to discipleship, a devoted adherent to the model of Jesus as demonstrated in his ministry here on Earth.

I am to be a man committed to prayer, worship, meditation, and study of scripture. A day spent without all of these is a day deprived of the essential elements of Life.



Knowing that every human soul is dearly precious to God, sharing the Good News of the saving work of Jesus with those who have not heard is absolutely critical


Jesus’ model of ministry on Earth is one of discipleship. He spent 3 years continually pouring into 12 men who he later commanded to make disciples in the Great Commission of Matthew 28.


As I come to better understand how God has made me and my personality, I recognize ever more the need for me to be involved in service. It is in serving the body of Christ that I find greatest fulfillment, having filled to the full the role for which God has optimized my nature. As such, it is critical that I be involved in service at every stage of my life.


In addition to long-term high-commitment, one-on-one discipleship, I recognize that training in specific topics is extremely important for spiritual, emotion, professional, and personal development.

Covenant Peers

Having a group of covenant peers to do life together with is one of the pinnacle aspects of true, deep community. Providing accountability, encouragement, prayer, wisdom, and fellowship for a lifetime, covenant peers are essential to healthy growth throughout life.


God has commanded that we “pray without ceasing”, that we “with prayer and petition, make your requests known to God.” Jesus often took time apart to pray, even though he was himself the God-Man. How much more important then, that I remain in constant communion and communication with God through prayer. Prayer is also a key aspect of relationships with others; I must pray for my brothers and sisters in the faith, as well as for those who have not yet come to the saving knowledge of and faith in Christ.

The Church

The Church is one of the great mysteries of God revealed to mankind in the New Testament. It is in the context of the Church that evangelism, discipleship, service, training, covenant peer relationships, and prayer reach their fullest potential both in the local fellowship of a particular church, as well as the global fellowship of the Church universal.



  1. Scripture Memorization
    • 2 Verses per week according to the schedule in the Scripture Memory Made Easy book
    • Weekly fellowship, encouragement, and accountability with men who share this goal
  2. Discipleship
    • Meeting with Roderick at least twice a month to discuss issues of real importance
    • Meeting individually with two or more kids at Alamo Stone to promote their spiritual development
  3. Regular Exercise
    • Lifting weights twice per week
    • Running 5 miles per week
  4. Pay off $25-30K in debt
    • Maintaining a healthy and minimal budget
    • Working full time with BIF
    • Devoting $2100-2500 per month to debt payoff