CMS Matrix

A faily in-depth feature comparison specific to donor/financials trackign has been compiled by the makers of the Soul Management system here.

We have reviewed a number of web-based software packages:


Software Package Price (Annual) Licensing Webhosting Group Organization Group Website Contributions Management
Community Church Builder $600 Site License None Flat Private/Non-extensible Yes
Ascribe $1500+ By Membership Yes Hierarchical Public/Full website Yes
Kingdom Tools Unknown Site License Templates/CMS Unknown No Support? Yes
IconCMO $304+ By Membership None Heirarchical No Support Yes
Arcturus Web Systems $660+ Per Module Templates/Custom Unknown No Explicit Support No
ChurchDB $120+ By Membership/Per Module Unknown Hierarchical Unknown Yes: Integrated Online Giving
Church Ledger $72-420 Open Source Available Unknown Unknown Yes
Church Membership Online $113+ By Membership Included/Not integrated Flat No Support Yes